With over 18 years experience in the international equestrian world, I offer two kinds of opportunities for you to work with me.

Positive Psychology Coaching

I offer one-to-one coaching if you’re looking to develop a more positive mindset in your riding and life. This would help you set appropriate goals, gain confidence and improve your competition nerves. The coaching sessions could even focus on helping you cope with a full time job and the responsibility of a competition horse. I can help you overcome a wide variety of equestrian challenges and help you make the most out of your riding, both enjoyment and performance wise. Even though my focus is on dressage today, I have also competed in show jumping (internationally) and vaulting. My experience in the equestrian world comes from Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Germany and UK.

Equestrian Journalism

I offer guest blogging on other reputable equestrian pages as I do love to write and share my experiences and insights from the horse world.

I can also write articles or columns for equestrian publications in English, Finnish, Swedish or Portuguese.

Two of my articles have been featured in the popular Horse & Hound magazine. The New Horse Diary article was featured in January 2013 and my Personal Firsts with young horse Mickey was featured in December 2013.