You ride because you love it, it’s the sport you chose, it’s the love of your life. But did you know doing other sports can help you improve your riding? Below I’ve listed 3 sports that help you improve your riding and why. Even if you spend 20-30 minutes once or twice a week it can lead to great results as well as better overall wellbeing. So maybe the days you go easy on the riding you can work on keeping your body healthy by varying your exercise routine? Improve your riding through yoga

 3 sports that help you improve your riding

  1. Yoga. Your body is not naturally built to follow the horse’s 3 directional movement – forwards, upwards & sideways. So in order to be able to ride in a relaxed, efficient manner, you’ve got to stretch those muscles. Remember you’ve got to relax for the horse to relax. It’s also great for learning to breathe properly and build those core muscles that improve your posture.
  2. www forex Jogging or speed walking. You can also try hiking or nordic walking. Go with a friend, some good music or even leading a horse (I’ve tried, it’s a bit weird but funny!). Cardio can only do you good and you want to remain composed and performing at your best throughout your test.
  3. go here Dance. Why not try zumba, Latin inspired aerobics? Body coordination is so crucial in riding – dance will help you put all those different body parts together in a coordinated manner. And maybe it will help you pick the latest cool songs for your dressage to music!

Have you done other sports or exercises which have helped your riding?