Today is a day of celebration as my new young horse arrived at Millstones. This is a welcome to Eurythmic, also known as Mickey.


Mickey arrived earlier today and after a bit of neighing and showing off when walking in the yard he seemed to settle in well. He was curious yet calm and didn’t hesitate to attack his hay and small feed portions (seems like I have another foodie just like Ollie!). After letting him settle in for an hour or so, we took him on the lunge to let him stretch his legs and let some steam out (and by “we” I mean the skillful Sarah & David duo while I remained a spectator).

Mickey trottingAfter a few bucks and spins he settled down quite well and had a nice trot and canter on both reins despite the monsoon rain that keeps coming down. He seems very respectful and attentive, just as he was when I rode him the 3 times in Holland. The plan is to let him settle down for a few days and get on him when he is ready for this. After his lunge, he continued munching on his hay and made friends with his neighbour. He even took a little snooze lying down which I can imagine was a good rest for his legs.
Mickey & me

He had a relatively short journey from Stal Korenbloem in southern Holland but with an overnight stopover this is a 24 hour journey which can be a bit tiresome for a 3 year old stallion (or any horse for that matter).

His breedlines include mix of top produced show jumpers and dressage rides, with the Furioso II and For Pleasure on his father’s side (Vaillant) and Kalusha and Nimmerdor on his mother’s (Rinde). I have high hopes for him in dressage so the next few years will be exciting!