Mickey and I are have been feeling uber fabulous in June! Everything seems to have fallen into place and we are upping the level of our work almost on a weekly basis. There were two highlights for this month.

Let’s start with the first: my competition on June 11th! We prepared really well for it and rode two super clean tests with over 66% on both – and two victories! These were our first wins of the year and also our first wins at this level plus the highest scores we’ve achieved at this level too – and that’s just in our second outing đŸ˜€ I’m so proud of how hard he tried and how much he tried to focus for me even when I could feel he was still looking a bit outside the arena for spooky things. My trainer also saw some of the test bits and he said he looked much better than the previous outing. Our next outing is on July 9th where we are doing another two tests. He has also now been started on a calming supplement to see if it helps him focus more at shows and we are also going to be wearing an ear bonnet to lessen the noise that he hears to make him more focused.


My second highlight of the month was booking my training camp with Emile Faurie – Finnish National Trainer and Olympic Gold Medallist! The dates are set at 28.07-30.07 and I CAN NOT WAIT! My trainer already knows about the importance of this training camp so he said we’d get Mickey to his best condition right before we go. After all, Mickey and I are both being assessed to potentially join the Finnish national team in the future – the freaking Finnish national team! You have no idea how happy I am. Four years of blood, sweat and tears are starting to pay off – and from how much he’s improved in the last two months I am soooooo excited about what the next four years bring. Tokyo 2020 here we come!!!!