Mickey has continued to progress amazingly this month again feeling stronger, fitter and more powerful than ever. Originally we had two competitions booked but sadly we cancelled one of them because of severe back spasms I got. But the one we did go to was a success!

We had two very consistent novice tests with much better transitions and a medium trot that’s getting stronger and stronger. The judges rewarded us fairly with two great scores of 67% – which gave us another 8 qualifying points towards our regional championship qualification. We place second and third in the classes in the Open category – which was exciting as it was the first time we’ve gotten placed second!


We’re not at 17 qualifying points so we just need one more score of 67% in a novice qualifier test to make it over 20 points – and we have two tries in November so fingers crossed!

This month I always went to visit my gorgeous little 21-year old Ollie (who I’ve had since he was five) at his loan home. He looks so great for his age and still feeling nice and supple under saddle. He still makes me laugh with his bouncing around as he loves to do canter changes – even on a straight line against the wall! Sometimes he’s evading a bit of work and sometimes he’s just having a play. I don’t care which is which as it just shows he’s still got his cheeky sparkle in him. I’m so grateful for his loan home mommy Jo who’s obsessed with him and spoils him with cuddles, carrots and nice rides all the time <3

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Ollie keeping an eye out on the yard…