This training month was incredible on Mickey! Even in the days when we were a bit off sync or a bit tired we ended up doing some incredible work by the end of the session.

The new movements we introduced in January have become a normal part of our training routine and I’ve added two more new movements in! We now have 90% of the movements required for the Elementary dressage level – and the one movement (walk pirouettes) we’re missing won’t appear until our competition in April so I have time to introduce it in.


He has become so powerful and he now moves with such cadence that I almost get too scared of the energy and don’t know what to do with it (and sometimes neither does he!). It’s a new type of energy and power we’re dealing with so it will take time to get used to it – but it’s an incredible feeling and one that once again shows Mickey has got all the right ingredients to go all the way to the top.

With three weeks to go to our first competition, we will keep doing exactly what we’re doing as it’s the perfect preparation for the start of our show season. As it’s the first show of the season and the winter weather has brought out a lot of freshness in him, the only objective is to get through the test in a controlled manner. My trainer even suggested I might want to ride him at home on the same day before going to the competition to take the edge off him and make him a bit tired so he’s more manageable even if he’s feeling fresh. It’s going to be an interesting outing and the nerves are kicking in already – but so is the positive excitement!