This month I finally got to take Mickey to his first real dressage competition doing a proper grown up test! The last years we’ve managed to do the four- and five-year old young classes but that’s about it. We had some behavioural things to sort out in between 😉 Finally we got ourselves in gear to go competing dressage again and did two novice tests at a British Dressage affiliated show – and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it went!

He behaved impeccably and didn’t put a foot wrong – I was so proud of him and even forgot for a moment that he’s only six! The first novice test we did showed quite a lot of both of our nerves and my ring rustiness – but it was nice to just get the first one out of the way. Saying that, the score was not bad at 62% though it did leave us towards the end of the results list.


 I went into the second test simply to enjoy the ride and get him a little bit more comfortable in the ring (he was terrified of the judge’s box) and my enjoyment mentality actually made me ride better! We were both more relaxed and even though it was a more advanced test we had a huge leap in the score getting us 66% and moving us towards the top end of the results board. I was so pleased!

The annoying bit is if we would have gotten 1 more point we would have gotten 67% and qualifying points towards the regionals. Saying all that, I was super pleased with the day and can not wait for the rest of the fall season now. We need to get 67% four times in order to qualify for the regionals, and I’ve entered 5 competitions (with two tests on each day) to try to make this happen. Whatever happens, I’m going to enjoy the journey and keep asking more of both us in every competition. I’m so excited to finally be in this place that we can go and compete – and I’m looking forward to upping our game with every test!