Guest blog post

Staying warm when you ride out in winter can be a difficult task. If you’re hacking you may find you’re too warm at times of exertion, but while riding at a walk the chilly air can really have a bite. If you’re riding in an outdoor arena the same applies. Of course, when sudden rain storms hit during your ride that can lead to wet and clammy riding gear, perhaps even causing you to become severely chilled.


Image by Molly Goossens (flickr)

Winter weather doesn’t have to mean less time for riding though, if you dress appropriate to weather conditions you’ll find it easy to stay warm and toasty whilst you ride this winter, no matter what the occasion. Just keep in mind that the more active the riding you do, the less likelihood you’ll have of getting chilled. Modern riding and outdoor gear is lightweight, so you won’t need to weigh yourself down with lots of heavy or padded clothing.

You’ll find thermal underwear worn under your normal riding jodphurs and sweaters should keep your legs warm enough while riding on bright winter days, though you may prefer to opt for waterproof trousers and chaps when wet weather is forecast. One of the most important winter riding garments has to be a windproof and waterproof coat or jacket which also provides you with as much insulation as possible. For insulation properties you’ll need to check out some of the modern lightweight jackets, or you could opt for coats with natural duck or goose down filling. Wool jackets are great for keeping warm in winter but do tend to be a little heavy for riding exertions. An important aspect to any winter riding jacket has to be useful pockets so you can keep your essentials within quick and easy reach throughout your ride.

Keeping your hands warm and dry is an added winter riding essential. If your hands become too cold you won’t be able to give your horse the correct signals. As you can expect hand temperature to alternate depending upon exertion, it’s a good idea to carry two pairs of gloves for winter riding. You can keep your spare pair of gloves in a coat pocket. If you take a heavy pair of waterproof gloves for colder periods and a lightweight pair of gloves for times when you’re starting to feel warmer you will manage to ensure you keep your hands warm and cozy throughout your winter rides. And carrying a spare pair of gloves does mean your hands will be protected at all times during your ride.

You already know the importance of great boots to any rider and winter riding boots need to be substantial enough to keep out the wet and wick away any moisture. The most critical aspect for long spells riding out in winter is to avoid any possibility of frostbite and the feet are the most susceptible targets.

Layering your inner garments is one way you can easily maintain warmth on cold days, but you need to have the ability to cool down quickly when needed. In this respect your winter riding coat or jacket can offer you the ability to cool down if it has zippers that can be zipped and unzipped quickly and easily throughout your riding exercise.

Robinsons Equestrian offer you all the most popular brands of riding gear, for everyday riding or competitions and events. You won’t go far wrong if you choose to purchase your winter riding gear from our wide ranging collection and it will be an easy matter to stay warm and toasty whilst you ride this winter.