You might love the excitement, buzz and novelty of going to a show. But you might not love the stress that comes with it. This horse show checklist can help minimise the stress by making sure you’ve got everything you need.

This checklist is incredible comprehensive and all the items might not apply to you, so how about you customise it to yourself? Here’s how:

Customising the Horse Show Checklist

  1. Print the horse show checklist out.
  2. Use a permanent market to draw a line over the items you’d never need (for example for me that would be Western show hat).
  3. Laminate the page(s).
  4. Use a flip board marker to cross out things on the checklist. (When you use a flip board marker on a laminated page, it means you can wipe the sheet clean after a show and reuse it for the next one!)
  5. Once the boxes are checked, you’re ready to go and have fun!


Did you find this checklist helpful? Or do you have one of your own you use? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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