You cannot love a car the way you love a horse. The horse brings out human feelings the way machines cannot do.
This quote by Albert Einstein is spot on. Loving a horse is like nothing else.

It’s one of a kind.
Loving a horse is about building a magical, mysterious relationship with this beautiful, elegant creature.
It’s about building trust and a language to communicate in.
It’s about being in perfect harmony, it’s about riding and being one with the horse.
It’s about healing the soul. It’s about escaping the world. It’s about getting in touch with nature.
It’s about getting our bodies sensitive to them and their bodies sensitive to ours.
It’s about fitness, it’s about recuperation.
It’s about responsibility, it’s about respect.
It’s about challenges, it’s about learning.
It’s about having one hell of a ride.
It’s pure, it’s honest.
It’s powerful.
It’s mysterious.
It’s magical.
It’s one of a kind.

Love with a horse