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Dressage Victory – Times Two in One Day!


Mickey and I are have been feeling uber fabulous in June! Everything seems to have fallen into place and we are upping the level of our work almost on a weekly basis. There were two highlights for this month. (more…)

Happy horse is a happy athlete

Happy Horse

You may have heard the term “happy horse is a happy athlete” before. As much as we competition riders spoil our horses with physio, supplements and optimised training for each individual horse, we also need to remember to let them be horses. Just like humans, they need some downtime and fun time as well. (more…)

Excitement and drama at CDI Hagen!

Charlotte & Valegro

It was an eventful show at CDI Hagen (25 – 29 April) with a world record, a Totilas comeback and¬†questionable¬†training methods returning to the warm-up. The line-up to the show was very strong with top Olympic medalist contenders showing off their moves. (more…)

Mickey has arrived!


Today is a day of celebration as my new young horse arrived at Millstones. This is a welcome to Eurythmic, also known as Mickey. (more…)

Riding in the rain


With the crazy monsoon weather in the UK, I’m wondering how fun is riding in the rain? If you’re prepared & you’re ready to get wet, you can have fun with it. (more…)