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2017’s Horsey Highlights: My Biggest Successes and Learnings


2017 was such an eventful year I barely had any time to write here. That’s why this post summarises some of my best horsey highlights and biggest learnings of the year. (more…)

The 2016 Competition Debut: An Eventful Day!


remeron 15 mg overdose Mickey and I are fully back in action – and even squeezed in our 2016 competition debut! He has been feeling incredible all of May, and has become more and more consistent with his work. He has also grown (yet again) turning into a very big, powerful giant. His muscle build up also continues to evolve which is rounding up his body nicely and turning him into an even more handsome, eye catching horse. (more…)

March/April Update: I’m Back On The Horse!


The first 3 weeks of March that I was able to ride Mickey were incredible. It’s good they were because I was able to live off those moments the rest of March and all of April when I had to hit pause on my riding. Then, 29th of April was the magical day I could get back on the horse! (more…)

February Training Update: Lots of Progress!


This training month was incredible on Mickey! Even in the days when we were a bit off sync or a bit tired we ended up doing some incredible work by the end of the session. (more…)

My Dressage Goals for 2016 – and My Why Behind Them


Oh boy I can’t believe January has already passed and we’re over a week into February. This is going to be another year that just flies by! I’ve been thinking long and hard about my dressage goals for this year (and the future) and have come up with the following. (more…)