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The partnership between horse and rider [video]

Horse and rider

What is it about the partnership between a horse and rider that makes it so magical? It’s the emotional connection, it’s the trust, it’s the communication, and it’s so much more. This beautiful youtube video says it with great elegance and panache. (more…)

We are equestrians and this is why [video]

We are equestrians and this is why

We are equestrians. We ride in sunshine, rain, snow and hale. We take care better care of our horses than we do of ourselves. We spend our time on a powerful animal that has a mind, body and soul of its own. Our horses are our friends, partners and sometimes even children. These are the things which make us into equestrians. (more…)

Stressed before show day? The Horse Show Checklist will help!

Horse show checklist

You might love the excitement, buzz and novelty of going to a show. But you might not love the stress that comes with it. This horse show checklist can help minimise the stress by making sure you’ve got everything you need. (more…)

A story of why you should listen to the horse whispers

Horse whispers

Whether you are a rider, trainer, groom, horse crazy or simply think horses are magnificent, remember to listen to the horse whispers. Horses are such magical creatures and I’m forever grateful to my parents for letting me start riding at the age of 9. I’m not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into but then again neither did I! Horses have given me some of the most unique, magical, rewarding moments of my life and even today when I treat them as fellow athletes, the healing power they have over me is priceless. I call this healing power “horse whispers”. (more…)

7 reasons to visit the incredible Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School

On January 2nd, 2013, my boyfriend fulfilled one of my dreams by taking me to a performance of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I was so excited to see the Lipizzaner stallions perform live – and they really didn’t disappoint. (more…)