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November Update: Winter Chills Brings a Wild Horse Out!


November was an incredibly eventful month with Mickey. He came in from living in the field and this immediately affected his mentality and his body. He quickly became quite unfocused, tense and explosive – which meant I’ve been trying to work with a wild horse all month. This meant the competitions I went to didn’t exactly go as planned – but there were plenty of learnings to be had!


Huge Improvement at Mickey’s Second Young Horse Dressage Class

Young horse Mickey in the warm up

Last week on June 6th I took Mickey out for his second 5-year old class of the year. We headed for the Wellington Premier League, where we had a very positive experience last year doing his 4-year old class with smashing results. Again he didn’t disappoint – he likes the young horse dressage classes at Wellington! (more…)

Mickey Completed His First Young Horse Dressage of the Year

Mickey at the young horse dressage

After an exciting past few weeks training and getting Mickey ready for his first 5-year young horse dressage, the day for Addington Premier League came! We were loaded up by 9 am to have plenty of time to take the 2.5 hour drive up for a 1.15 pm test time. You could see the sparkle of excitement in his eye as I started plaiting his mane and brought the travel boots out. It was time to dance! (more…)

Mickey’s first young horse class – a success!

Young horse Mickey showing off

Today was a big day for young horse Mickey and a big day for me. It was his first ever show, my first ever four-year old class and my first ever Premier League show – so it was plenty of firsts! But he was a true superstar and I am totally chuffed! (more…)

Another personal best at Advanced Medium with Ollie!

Advanced medium extended trot

Last week was another good show with 19-year old Ollie, a show jumper that’s turned into a dressage superstar. I was super thrilled with the ride and equally pleased with the judge’s score, 62.89%, and the positive feedback in the test sheet. (more…)